In order to protect and improve environmental values and living conditions, we believe that the tourism sector which benefits the most from natural sources should do its part. Accordingly, we issued the environment protection decisions valid in all of our companies in 2009 with the Environment and Green Manifest.


“Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) accepts and applies the sustainable tourism principles as a part of its corporate quality standards. One of the most important targets of our establishment is to contribute to the development of tourism and maintain its activities in cooperation with the relevant establishments regarding this subject. As Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding), we believe that it is possible to maintain tourism only via persons and establishments who respect the history and varied cultural structure of the lands in which we live, and produce global strategies without losing local values. For this reason, we take the protection of natural sources as a field of producing unique and participant projects instead of a means of marketing.”


We believe that the tourism sector should do its part regarding protection of the environment and efficient use of natural sources since it benefits the most from these natural sources. We actualized the ''OTI Forest'' project in order to decrease the effects of the carbon dioxide amount released by our establishment to the atmosphere and the harms of climate change. It is in our hands to leave a habitable and green world to the future!