We take a visionary and foresighted approach when determining our strategies since we are proud of being known as a reputable, steady, strong and reliable establishment.


Our corporate identity

Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) is open to changes, continuously developing, young, dynamic and at the same time faithful to national, family and moral values. We target to establish long term and permanent relations inside and outside of the company accordingly. We accept honesty as the most important value and preserve all of the confidential information attentively.


Our management concept

We believe in the importance of an organization system open to innovation and criticism. For this reason, we adopt and apply in management an open, consistent and accessible leadership concept. We believe in the necessity of corporation within a participatory, fair and democratic management concept.


Our work principles

We work in order to be the best in all of our activities. We take the efficient, disciplined and planned work as the key of success and believe in team spirit, synergy and power of communication. We work in a manner focused on creativity, solution development and production of new information. We take it as one of our most important responsibilities to complete the works on time and correctly. We know the importance of brand and do not compromise quality in our products and services. Our employees are one of our most important values. We provide opportunity for training and development, and reward success.


Our sectoral perspective

Since the first day we started our activities, we aimed to be one the sector's leading establishments. We adopt universal factors in order to create a difference in the tourism sector. We detect the demands and expectations of the sector with a focus on customer, and determine and diversify our products and services accordingly.