To become a leading group of companies sufficiently institutionalized to hand down its current and future affiliates to the next generations.


To bring maximum benefit to our customers, employees, society, and shareholders by making proper, efficient and sustainable investments within the framework of total quality and environmental consciousness.



We are a team that takes strength and lesson from the past, looks to the future with a young and dynamic soul, is open to innovation, change and different understandings, and faithful to family, national and universal values. Honesty is the most important principle in our relations with customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, society and all establishments.



We preserve customer information, information which requires confidentiality and establish long term and permanent relations. We fulfill our promises, pay utmost attention to complete our works on time and correctly.

Our brand value

Our corporate identity is formed with our quality and brand value. We adopt in our activities the management concept which is based on data and focused on process. We believe in a participatory, fair and democratic management and the importance of an organizational system open to learning and criticism and cognizant of the necessity of institutionalization.

Our Human Prospect

We work with professionals who are unique, create a difference, produce solutions, develop our creativity, inquire, are aware, are productive and take initiative towards their targets. We evaluate the employees attentively and reward success.We provide opportunity for training and development, and give importance to group focused activities. We believe in team spirit, synergy, and power of communication. We support cooperation and solidarity. We believe in disciplined and planned work for efficiency. We use the sources of the establishment attentively and efficiently and strive for optimum success. We care about creating a peaceful work environment.