We believe that the new generations may change the future of the country through the education they get today. Since July 2009, educational support has been given to approximately 7000 children during 2 years in the Coral Glowworm Mobile Education Unit operated in cooperation with Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation.


Since October 2009, ODEON Tours supports young sportsmen through the international tennis organization ''Young Rackets'' project. In the organization held each year regularly, ODEON Tours organizes camps which bring together Russian and Turkish tennis players and trainers through ''Young Rackets''. The Young Rackets project which became official in 2014 as an international tennis tournament before the European Tennis Federation (Tennis Europe) which consists of the participation of 48 countries, continues to organize tournaments under the name of Coral Junior Cup Tennis Europe.


BEAN project (Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic), is a new multi-national and multi-disciplinary Marie Curie Research attempt which researches the roots of European agriculture and consists of seven European research establishments and a commercial partner. The project is entitled to four-year fund support by the European Commission and its Turkey branch is supported by Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding). The Turkey operations of BEAN team who visits Bursa, Çanakkale, Izmir, Kuşadası, Bafa, Isparta and Antalya are organized by Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding).


The piano concert realized by the participation of 800 persons in Kiev National Academy Opera in 2013 and given by Angelica Akbar who has 12 albums and performed more than 450 concerts all over the world was sponsored by Coral Travel Ukraine and supported by the Turkish Embassy. Turkey's Ukraine Cultural Attache, representatives from the Embassies of Turkey, Greece, Japan, Sweden, Holland, Norway, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Turkish businessmen and university representatives attended the concert.