Where can I learn about the open positions?

You may use the applications tab on our ''Career in Coral'' page in order to learn our open positions.

What should we take care of while preparing CV?

Your CV should consist of all of the information regarding you such as your education, experience, qualifications, contact information, reason of applying for this position, work location preference if any.

How does the employment process in Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) and group companies work?

In order to apply, enter our ''Career in Coral'' page. After evaluating the applications you made, we invite the candidates deemed affirmative to interview. Our candidates are evaluated via an interview process based on competency and consisting of at least two stages, the foreign language level is tested and personality inventory applications are applied. Job offer is made to the candidates deemed appropriate after evaluation and reference check, in case of agreement, the employment procedures are realized.

What are your recruitment dates?

Our adverts are issued in newspapers and our internet site in different times of the year. You may get information regarding our open positions via following up our adverts.

During employment process, graduates of which department are preferred primarily?

The required qualifications differ according to the positions you prefer. For detailed information, you may check our adverts available on our ''Career in Coral'' page.

Other than the schools and departments the candidates are graduated from, what are the qualifications affecting the employment process?

The candidates are evaluated based on the qualifications required for the concerned positions in our employment activities. Besides the education of the candidates, their experiences, technical knowledge and qualifications, foreign language knowledge and abilities, certifications, success in sportive and social activities are qualifications that affect the employment process according to the positions.

I am newly graduated, are there job opportunities appropriate for me in Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) and its affiliates?

We look for employees in order to be trained according to our needs regarding candidates newly graduated from universities. You may follow it up on our ''Career in Coral'' page.

Can I do internship in Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) and its group companies?

Interns are accepted in each summer season within the staff determined in Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding). We accept applications from candidates who are students via contacting the universities.

I have not completed my military service yet, can I work in Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) and its group companies?

You may apply for positions in which completion of military service is not required. You may continue working with us after completing your military service.