We host our guests in 90 destinations including Türkiye, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Greece and Vietnam via our 37 companies on five continents, in 13 countries where we act as tour operator. We employ 4300 professionals. We determine our human resources need according to the capacity increase, employee back up need, short and long term work plans. Accordingly; we select newly graduated and experienced candidates who will carry Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) to the future, are open to development and carry this potential. In our selection and positioning activities, we prioritize the candidates who comply with our corporate culture and candidates who meet the main competencies and qualifications required by the position. If you want to join an establishment which operates in the international platform together with our active and strong team, you may send your CV to hr@otiholding.com or click on Job Application. The applications are evaluated within Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) and the group companies; they are not shared with external persons and establishments.




Human; is the key factor creating our corporate identity. Our main corporate principles are Equal Opportunity and Correct Person for Correct Job. We aim provision, development and sustainability of the human resources via individuals who are success and performance focused, educated, experienced, able to develop themselves and their work, adopt values of the group and are sharing.



We aim to increase the added value of our employees on the organization via developing themselves, each other and their works. Individual development programs follow the orientation period starting with corporate compliance and development programs. Quality Management System trainings are spread over all business life through on-the-job trainings specific to departments, technical trainings, managerial and personal development programs.



In order to determine our periodic macro training requirements, organizational analysis activities are realized in parallel with our corporate strategies and targets. Our performance evaluations are made on individual, department, corporate basis and depending on customer feedbacks. The individual targets determined according to our strategic targets and plans are evaluated based on competency.



Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) which always aims for the better, is aware of the importance of support given by its employees throughout this process. We support regular measurement of our employees' satisfaction level through our Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire and Suggestion Awarding System, and increase of the employee loyalty via evaluations made according to this data. Get to know the business life in OTI, check the job opportunities!