Your information and personal data sent to us via e-mail will be evaluated during the recruitment processes and can be transferred (if necessary) in writing or verbally to the relevant units of other companies located in the country or abroad and related to the same or similar partnership structure as Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) A.Ş., and can be processed by these companies or Coral Travel Group (OTI Holding) A.Ş. for employment purposes. If you do not give your consent for the transfer of your information to our other companies, please, send us an e-mail message within 2 days stating you disagreement and using the same e-mail address from which relevant information was submitted. We hereby inform you that if you do not send the e-mail message stating that you do not give your approval within 2 days, it will be deemed as your explicit consent for the transfer of your information. If you give express consent or it is deemed that such consent has been given, the personal data provided by you will be processed only in accordance with Law No. 6698 and procedures and principles set forth in other laws. When processing your personal data, the law and the principle of good faith will be observed, such data will be processed for definite, clear and legitimate purposes, used for the purposes for which such data are processed, and within the scope and limits of these purposes, and maintained for the period required by relevant legislation or necessary for the purpose for which such data are processed. If the need for data processing disappears, such data will be destroyed, deleted or anonymized.